PLDS is introducing income generating program to elimination poverty in the society. This will be our pilot program and will raise funds to implement this program as the earliest. Our focus is to fund destitute women making a living through manufacturing handicrafts.

We will finance or purchase them raw materials for the production and supply them with designs and technical supports as required.. PLDS will purchase the finished products with their production cost and labor. After selling the handicraft products PLDS will share a profit with them so that they can get an extra benefit from this income. PLDS will keep constant supervision to make the program successful. Another portion of the profit will be invested for further development for this program.

This project is intended for creating and/or increasing the daily/monthly income of impoverished families. This will also ensure successful and profitable self-employment for the indigent women in remote rural communities.

Facts of Bangladesh

In Bangladesh the extreme poor often do not have access to cash for investing in any income-generating scheme. They are often victimized by professional money-lenders. They end up borrowing small amounts of money at very high interest rates from these opportunistic swindlers. Once they fall for the trap of compounding interest, they end up losing much of their property and belonging.

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