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ICT in health services can reduce the primary gap in health related needs that exist in our daily life. In this context, functional quality of health information, affordable cost and availability of services, communication infrastructure, and easy to use information can play a predominant role in developing health services in rural areas.

Mission & Objectives

In order to cope with the increasing need for medical services PLDS wants to introduce e-Health services in some of the rural areas of Bangladesh. The objectives of this program are:

  • To provide e-Health service facility both in urban and rural areas.
  • To provide basic health care services to the deprived and poor people of the village.
  • To raise awareness of the basic health care and hygiene among the villagers.
  • To link the communities with the expert health professionals.
  • To enable a better health service at reasonable price.
  • To deal with common health issues of the poor.
  • To reduce unnecessary health expenditure of the villagers.


First of all, PLDS volunteers will collect 50 villagers by simple random sampling whoever needs treatment. These selected patients will come to our medical camp on a selected date for blood text. Blood will be collected by one of our expert technicians with the help of an assistant. Afterwards a medical record card will be given to them for future references. Meanwhile project technicians will contact “PLDS Country Office” with the test reports to consult with an expert physician. On a prior given date the selected patients will given treatment by our Physician via e-health.

Follow-up and monitoring will be continuing on regular basis. For this service patients need to pay a minimum consultancy fee.

Facts of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated developing countries where most of the people live in rural village. The healthcare system and facilities in these rural areas are not up to mark. A large number of Bangladesh’s people, particularly in rural areas, remained with no or little access to health care facilities. Rural people are suffering from lack of medical expertise and health care facilities. Bangladesh cannot provide minimal health service to the people due to insufficient number of doctors, health care professionals and medical services. Although there are many clinics and hospitals are found in the rural and suburban areas but they are often ill equipped. The inadequate infrastructure makes it more difficult to provide health care in rural and remote areas at the right time.

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