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PLDS successfully installed 100 deep tube wells in remote areas of 5 districts in Bangladesh. Each of these tube wells brings water aquifers from an approximate of one thousand feet deep under-ground. The water is thus pure and safe for drinking, cooking, washing and for other domestic use. Each tube well produces on average 150-200 gallons of pure water per day. On an average, about 15 families are benefitted per tube well.

PLDS installed deep tube wells at the following places:

SL NO Name of district Number of DTW installed Number of gallons use per day Number cf fames Total number of beneficiaries Cost in usd $
01 BARISHAL 28 150-200 410 1620 28000
02 JHALOKHATI 9 50-60 125 510 9000
03 COX-BAZAR 20 110-120 120 610 20000
04 PATUAKHALI 42 250-300 220 1120 42000
05 SATKHIRA 1 8-10 12 50 1000
Total 100 887 3910 100000

There remains a great need to extend this program for supply of safe drinking water to many other remote areas of Bangladesh. We will soon take up the second phase of this project with the goal of installing 200 more deep tube wells.

We are seeking your generous contribution

It’s a challenge to find safe drinking water in many remote rural areas of Bangladesh. Here are some of the reasons for the crisis:

  • Water from ponds, lake and marshes are not safe for drinking
  • Often people in remote villages do not have access to water from a safe source
  • There are widespread cases of groundwater arsenic contamination in Bangladesh
  • Often there is shortage of fresh water due to flood and other natural disaster
  • There is acute lack of awareness among rural people about the importance of safe drinking water.
  • PLDS will work in creating awareness by empowering the rural, disadvantaged people with information about the importance of using safe drinking water.
  • PLDS will install tube wells up to 1000 feet deep to provide safe and lasting source of water in the remote areas of Bangladesh.

Facts of Bangladesh

Lack of safe drinking water is a main source of water-borne diseases. Many infectious diseases break out due to the use of polluted water in rural areas of Bangladesh. A lack of awareness and education also complicates the problem. There are other heavy metal contamination such as arsenic with water from lakes, ponds and shallow tube well. Bangladesh's water crisis affects both rural and urban areas, and is a matter of both water scarcity and water quality. While Bangladesh has made commendable progress in supplying safe water to its people, gross disparity in coverage still exists across the country. Diarrhea diseases constitute a major health problem in Bangladesh. Thousands of episodes of diarrhea occur in children and adults each day. Diarrhea diseases have close biological and socio economic links to the problems of malnutrition, poor maternal health, high fertility, and child survival. High arsenic concentrations were discovered in the groundwater of several wells in Bangladesh. Long term intake of high concentrations of arsenic from drinking water gives rise to a number of health problems, particularly skin disorders. Internal cancers have also been linked with arsenic in drinking water. In Bangladesh, many wells containing arsenic were closed. Once a well is painted red, signifying the water contains arsenic concentrations above the national standard, community members are no longer supposed to use it. When people lack access to a well or water point, the community must seek other sources for drinking water, usually returning to the traditional unprotected water sources such as ponds or ditches, or walking to distant wells. These practices dramatically increase the risk of acute bacteriological contamination, leading to greater outbreaks of water-related diseases. These diseases especially affect children who are especially vulnerable to diarrhea diseases.

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